As you may know, this stove was made in 1855 in the State of New York.  By the time our members found it in a warehouse in Heath, Ohio, 160 years later, it was in about 15 pieces, some of which were broken and needed welding.  Still the age of the stove and its unusual style made this “step stove” too wonderful to pass up.


Besides, we knew just who could fix it for us.  One of our members, Steve Bevelhymer, had come to our rescue several times before when things needed welding, so our members bought the stove before we even asked him if he’d be willing to work on it.  We knew this would be a much bigger project than the previous favors we had asked of him but were sure he’d give it a try.

Luckily, he has such a big heart when it comes to our Society.  Many, many hours of work went into the project but several weeks later Steve returned the step stove to the Ealy House in near original condition.


Please join us in thanking Steve the next time you see him and drop by the Ealy House to take a look at it yourself.

–Nancy Ferguson