De-Fencing Hope
A new play by Julie Rogers

De-Fencing Hope

Julie presented a staged reading of an exerpt from De-Fencing Hope, and a short presentation on the project itself, at the April 5th 2007 meeting of the Society, at 7pm at the New Albany library.

About the Play
When development and community planners transform a small farming town outside Columbus, OH, what happens to the original residents? De-Fencing Hope tells the story of planned communities today through the eyes of three quilters who spent over 10 years working to create a quilt of a changing community. Old residents of the town, along with prominent leaders, historians, and newer residents all paint a picture of a town that has been dramatically transformed over the past 15 years. The play was created by Denison University senior Julie Rogers and is based on interviews with members of the community of New Albany, OH.

"I feel incredibly indebted to all the residents of New Albany, particularly the members of the Historical Society, who have shared their stories with me over the past year. Through learning about both the historical and current village of New Albany, I have not only learned a great deal about this particular town and its' residents, but about the general ways that history is preserved as towns develop through the generations."
--Julie Rogers

De-Fencing Hope Cast
The Cast of De-Fencing Hope